Top 5 tips for keeping your home secure

Burglary is one of the easiest of crimes to fall victim to. According to, a house is broken into every 4 minutes. Besides the FBI asserts that the average dollar loss per burglary is $2185. As such, there is a need to take measures to secure your family’s well-being and safety from break ins. However, it is not all doom and gloom as police statistics show that burglars are less likely to break into a house with a security system

The following are some tips for keeping your home secure that if implemented will save you from the frustration and pain of losing money and valuables from a break in.

Do not let it be known that you are away

Housebreakers are more likely to target a house that has no one in it. You need to make your house seem occupied when you are out, to deter opportunistic burglars. You can do this by:

1. Using automatic light timers that turn on and off in a manner simulating an occupied house
2. Use timed electronic curtain and drape openers to suggest someone is home
3. Turn down your phone’s ringer so that nobody from outside can hear it ringing

Neighborhood WatchMake it difficult to break in

Aside from homes that are unoccupied, burglars will usually look for houses with easy access. The harder you make it the more secure your home will be. You can make it difficult by:

1. Attach the windows to the home security alarm system and have locks that open from the inside.
2. Reinforce any panel or window that is any closer than 42 inches to the lock with security film.
3. Use lock with an internal anti-saw pin such that, they are too difficult for a burglar to saw through with a hacksaw.

Know the Neighbors

While not necessarily a tech savvy tip, this is one of the best tips for keeping your home secure. Neighbors usually look out for one another, and they may just report or check out if anything seems unusual at your house while you are away. Make a point to get to know the neighbors and request them to watch over your place while you are not in.

If the neighborhood lacks an active neighborhood watch program, you could take it upon yourself to organize one. This could include various issues, like what to do if a dog bites you, or trespassing. Local law enforcement agencies will have a contact person that will help you set up the watch program to keep your family and home secure.

Get rid of any possible hiding places

A burglar will typically favor a house where they are less likely to be seen. By getting rid of any cover, a thief will think twice about breaking into your home. You can secure the home by:

1. Illuminating every access door with outside security lighting
2. Installing motion detectors in the driveway, the yard, and other outside areas in addition to the exterior lighting
3. Securing all entrances – avoid having a tall privacy fence as this can prevent the neighbors from noticing when your house is broken into.

Have a home security Alarm System

While not a guaranteed deterrent against burglary, they increase the burglar’s risk of being caught or seen. As previously asserted, a burglar will always prefer a house without an alarm as it is seen as an easier target. A home security system could have:

1. Glass-break sensors that trigger an alarm at the sound of a glass door or window being broken
2. Pressure sensors that detect change in pressure when windows or doors are opened without deactivating the alarm system
3. Shockwave sensors to detect when somebody is trying to break down the door in combination with motion detectors

Following these tips for keeping your home secure will reduce the risk of getting yoru home broken into. However you have to acknowledge that the risk of burglary is never completely eradicated but can only be reduced.

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